sabato 7 maggio 2011

Alberi e Dintorni first Birthday

The Mammoth Trees, Calavera Country, California. 1860, oil colour painting by Middleton, Strobridge & Co.

In this month it is one year I opened this Blog. It has been visited by people from Italy, Usa, Spain, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Switzerland, Russian Federation, China, Japan, India, Hungary, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Egypt, Iran and Ghana.
To me, it has been an amazing experience: it's a wonderful feeling to think that people from so far in the world, is "listening" and "watching" to my "productions" without knowing me, without any face to face contact.

I want to thank all of you

I take the chance to ask you to send me pics, tales or histories about any tree in the country where you leave, to be published here.
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